Monograph is a Japanese supper club in London.

We design and host Japanese dining events that regularly change in terms of format and space but that share our aim of creating exciting and inspiring experiences.

We think that dinner time is a time when we are particularly receptive; ready to stop thinking and start feeling.

Our philosophy matches several aspects of the Japanese culinary heritage, such as using a few quality ingredients and simple, efficient and accurate execution.
We then take the freedom to experiment and develop new dishes and flavour combinations.
We really believe that genius lies in simplicity so we won't offer unnecessarily complex dishes and inefficient processes aimed only at aesthetic results.

We are aware that, like any other human experiences, our perceptions while dining are heavily affected by the environment and everything surrounding us like light, colours, sounds, words, people. So these are all aspects that we consider and experiment with when designing our events.

Finally, we think that some of the most powerful forms of interaction are those with other people.
Our events are very informal and we encourage people to start conversations and socialise.